You’ll spend 4 years ( or 7?) of your life in college … incredible friendships, crazy adventures, freedom…it’s awesome! We believe that life is all about relationships. We were created with a burning desire to be connected to others. We want to be known by others, yet still loved.  We believe that all those longings for the ultimate life can be found in a living breathing relationship with Jesus Christ. We exist to connect students with Jesus and each other!

At Cru, we want to be a place where you can really pursue God no matter what your life looks like right now. We want Cru to be a safe place to ask tough questions and get honest answers… even if the answer is “I don’t know”. In contrast to popular belief, we don’t all think we know the answer to every question, but we’ll be willing to look into it with you.

We believe Jesus is who He said He was, and His death and resurrection over 2,000 years ago changed everything! Because of this, we want to give every student and faculty on campus the opportunity to really know Him and to experience life as it was meant to be live: alongside of Him.

We believe as a person experiences God’s unconditional love and transformation, then he or she will want to tell those we care for about this incredible gift.  You can read more about our beliefs in the “what we stand for” section on this site. You can leave knowing this one thing… we really love Jesus and can’t help talking about Him, which is what we are all about!