Cru Winter Conference (#CruWC) is coming this December 27th- January 1st. Check out the facebook event and website for all of the details. Registration is open NOW!

Here are some common questions that you might be asking…

How in the world am I going to get to Portland?

There is a roadtrip of MSU students that leaves from Bozeman on  December 27th. We stay the night for FREE in a church in Spokane on the night of the 27th and drive the rest of the way to Portland on the 28th. The roadtrip is often one of the highlights of trip. You can also fly to Portland and take the MAX (public transportation) directly to the hotel. It is super easy.


What will I experience at the conference?

Check out the website above. The Cru Winter Conference /// PDX website is loaded with information about the actual conference.