Global Missions

We believe that what God is doing in the Cru community at MSU is not meant to be confined to the edges of our campus. From beginning to end, God’s Word makes it clear that His intention is for the good news to go to all of the world. We count it a privilege to share with God in the work of changing the world with His gospel and take the command to “go” seriously.

Our campus partners with a campus in East Asia. The partnership means that we as a community are committed to praying for, sending resources, and sending people to these two locations for the sake of the gospel.

You can be part of this partnership by:

1. Praying. Simply start asking God to raise up a community of believers in these locations that know and worship Him. Seek His guidance on how you might be involved in taking the gospel to these partnerships.

2. Giving. Many of your friends may be going on summer projects or STINTs to these locations in the next few years. Help them go but joining in their trip financially. Also, there are national staff in this location that can live on pennies compared to our standard of living. Consider using some of your financial resources as an American college student to partner with a staff in one of these countries. Talk to one of the MSU staff about how to set this up. You can give online.

3. Going. MSU students consistently going year after year to bring the gospel to this partnership is the way a movement will be raised up. Go on a 6-8 week summer project. Go on a 1-2 year STINT. You can find out more information about Summer Projects and STINT at the websites below:

Summer Mission-